Black Van Ladder Sprinter Van 2007-2018

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Black Van Ladder Sprinter Van 2007-2018

Driver Side Door Mount

These Black Ladders manufactured for to provide an opportunity to enhance the look of your van and provide safe access to your vans rooftop with our Custom Black-Powdercoated Stainless Steel Van Ladder. Not your average Black ladder that uses standard steel tubing that is black powdercoated or painted. Our ladders start off with heavy duty 304 stainless steel. Then are Black powder-coated to give you a durable black finish, that is not susceptible to rust like black steel ladders. These ladders are superior in quality to competitive steel ladders. They also come Fully assembled to make installation simple. Just hook over the rear cargo door of your Van let it rest against the door and insert two screws. When not just any ladder will do look to our exclusive Black Stainless Steel Van Ladder.

Sprinter Van High Roof Specs: (Approx Measurements)
Length:  68-5/8"
Width:  12" 
Distance between Rungs: 12-1/4"
Rung Count: 5
Bottom Hole to Hole: 7-7/8"

Sprinter Van Low Roof Specs: (Approx Measurements)
Distance between Rungs: 
Rung Count: 
Bottom Hole to Hole: 



Surco Black Van Ladder Sprinter Van