3pt Retractable Van Shoulder,Lap Seat Belt

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3 Point Retractable Lap / Shoulder Seat belt replaces your old or damaged factory 3pt belt in most cases using all of your existing hardware with no modification. Do you have an older Vehicle that does not have 3 point belts and you want to add them? No problem.


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Van 2pt Lap Belt Colors

You'll just need a d-ring adapter for the top mount and 2 L brackets for the floor.These retractable belt contain a spring activated buckle to keep you safe while still allowing a quick release and is made with sturdy polyester. These belts meet or exceed all safety stadards an have been approved for use by the Department Of Transportation and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Wiki: A 3-point belt is a Y-shaped arrangement, similar to the separate lap and sash belts, but unitized. Like the separate lap-and-sash belt, in a collision the 3-point belt spreads out the energy of the moving body over the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. Volvo introduced the first production three-point belt in 1959.[13] The first car with three-point belt was a Volvo PV 544 that was delivered to a dealer in Kristianstad on August 13, 1959. However, the first car model to feature the three-point seat belt as a standard item was the 1959 Volvo 122, first outfitted with a two-point belt at initial delivery in 1958, replaced with the three-point seat belt the following year.[14] The three-point belt was developed by Nils Bohlin who had earlier also worked on ejection seats at Saab.[15] Volvo then made the new seat belt design patent open in the interest of safety and made it available to other car manufacturers for free