AVS Bugflector Bugshield Ford Econoline Van 92-07

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AVS Bugflector Bugshield Hood Protector Ford Econoline Van 1992-2007

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The actual AVS Bugflector® is designed to enhance the contours of your vehicle's hood. This is a custom-molded cover shield is made in the USA as well as precision-engineered to fit your vehicle completely. This hood shield's lower to medium-profile is aerodynamically efficient, and provides excellent safety as stones and other particles ricochet away from the bonnet and windshield. And, the actual shield's durable impact-modified, polymer material makes this accessory wear-and-tear resistant. Car wash secure, easy to clean and polish your hood. Your vehicle's Bugflector can remain on the particular hood and is car clean safe. The hood protect accessory can also be easily taken off the hood for easy cleaning. The set consists of installation instructions and any needed hardware. Easy to install, absolutely no drilling or special equipment required. The AVS Bugflector offers you a simple, no-drill set up process easily completed in your own home in just minutes. The lid shield is mounted utilizing double-sided 3M tape or even mechanical fasteners (depending on the vehicle). In order to safeguard the hood paint through rubbing, the set contains several rubber bumpers put on the hood during the setting up.