Custom Front Windshield Visor Ford Econoline Van 1969-1974

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Custom Windshield CVII Van Visor Ford Econoline Van 1969-1974

Our Ford E-100,E-200,E-300 Front Windshield Visor is constructed of Heavy-Duty hand laid fiberglass. The Custom Van Visors provides excellent shade to the interior of your Van while also giving the Van a stylish look. Wood re-reinforcement offers mounting areas as well as spacing to allow air to flow between Visor and Van reducing strain on the Visor and Van Body. Manufactured in the USA!
TNV Custom Windshield Visor

Installation of the Ford Van Visor can be done by simply screwing the visor in through the side pillars next to the windshield and roof, then through from the cab of the van into the wood support(s). Rivets can also be used for the sides. Snaps caps can cover the screws for more classic styling. For the integrated smooth look the Van Visor can be glassed in to the roof. (Screws and paintable snap-caps are included)