Max Energy Power Programmer Ford Econoline Van 96-04

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Max Energy Power Programmer Ford Econoline Van 1996-2004

V8 5.4L 

CARB EO Number D-260-20; Adjustable Tire Size From 29 Inches To 43 Inches; With Rev Limiter; With Top Speed Limiter; TPMS Not Supported; With Shift Firmness and Shift Points Adjustments; Increase of Up To 14 Horsepower and 26 Foot Pounds of Torque


The Ford Econoline Max Energy Power Programmer installs Hypertech's custom developed tuning which adds maximum power and performance for your Van! The simple LCD screen provides a guided tour through multiple adjustable tuning features, and diagnostic tool functions.

Emissions Certifications: CARB E.O. D-260-22
  • Performance Tuning
  • Transmission Tuning
  • Speedometer\Odometer Correction
  • Top Speed Adjustment
  • Rev Limiter Adjustment
  • Return Back To Factory Settings
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Internet Updateable

Transmission Tuning
    • Shift Firmness Yes/No
    • 1-2 Shift Point -500 to +500 RPM
    • 2-3 Shift Point -500 to +500 RPM
    • 3-4 Shift Point -500 to +500 RPM
Speedometer\Odometer Correction
    • Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Tire Sizes 29-43 inches 1/4 inch increments
Top Speed Adjustment
    • Top Speed Limiter 99 & 106 MPH
Rev Limiter Adjustment
    • Rev Limit -500 to +500 RPM
Return Back To Factory Settings
    • Return Back To Stock
Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
    • DTCs Read and Clear
Internet Updateable