Stainless Steel Van Ladder Sprinter Van 2003-2006

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Surco Stainless Steel Van Ladder Sprinter Van 2003-2006


Surco Van Ladder provides an opportunity to enhance your vans functionality and provide safe access to your van's rooftop with these custom 304 Stainless Steel Van Ladders. Ladder rungs feature non-slip surface for sure footing. Made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel. That's Electro-polished for a long lasting beautiful finish. Installation is a breeze with the ladder being Fully assembled. The ladder simply Hooks over the top of your rear cargo door and then a couple screws down in the bottom mounting tabs. Installation can be accomplished usually in just a few minutes. Drilling is required on all models. These Stainless Steel Ladders are manufactured in the USA! Limited LIFETIME Warranty against rust, 1 Year structural Warranty. 

Sprinter Van Rear Door Ladder

Sprinter Van High Roof Specs: (Approx Measurements)
Distance between Rungs: 
Rung Count: 5
Bottom Hole to Hole: 
Distance from Door T: M:   B: 

Sprinter Van Low Roof Specs: (Approx Measurements)
Length:  62-1/2"
Width:  11-3/4" 
Distance between Rungs: 10-5/8"
Rung Count: 5
Bottom Hole to Hole: 8"
Distance from Door T: " M: " B: "